AI and Finance Mondays

The fourth “AI and Finance Monday” with the ACPR, covers a broad international look at the regulation of artificial intelligence in the financial sector. The first hour of the webinar is dedicated to the presentation by experts of different aspects of AI regulation. The second part of the conference takes the form of a roundtable discussion moderated by Olivier Fliche, Director of the Fintech-Innovation Hub at the ACPR and Winston Maxwell, Director of Law and Digital Studies at Télécom Paris.

The « Lundis de l’IA et de la Finance » (AI and Finance Mondays) is a series of conferences on the regulation of AI in the financial sector. In this context, speakers from the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution) and researchers from Télécom Paris meet every other month to discuss different topics in this field.