Paul Hastings Visiting Professorships Public Lectures

Koo and Partners, a Hong Kong law firm now integrated into the international firm Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, made a major donation to establish a visiting professorship in corporate and financial law and to support the activities of AIIFL. Koo and Partners kindly donated HK$500,000 for the academic year 2001-2002, and Paul Hastings made additional HK$500,000 donations in the 2002-2003 and the 2003-2004 academic years. In 2001-2002, the Visiting Professorship was called the Koo and Partners Visiting Professorship in Corporate and Financial Law, and in 2002-2003 it was renamed the Paul Hastings Visiting Professorship in Corporate and Financial Law. These generous donations enabled AIIFL to bring to Hong Kong experts of international stature in the field of corporate and financial law. The Visiting Professors strengthened the comparative dimensions of AIIFL research and teaching activities and brought valuable knowledge to students and the community.

Koo and Partners Visiting Professor

2001 – 2002

Professor Francis Reynolds, Emeritus Professor of Law, Oxford University (United Kingdom): Spring semester 2002.

Paul Hastings Visiting Professors

2002 – 2003

Professor Hisaei Ito, Chuo University (Japan): 20 November – 4 December 2002

Professor Hal Scott, Harvard Law School (United States): 3-10 January 2003

Professor Barry Rider, University of London (United Kingdom): 6 February – 6 March 2003

2003 – 2004

Professor Thomas Heller, Stanford University (United States): 1-31 October 2003

Professor Ross Buckley, Bond University (Australia): 10-21 November 2003

2004 – 2005

Professor Rolf H. Weber, University of Zurich (Switzerland): 29 September – 15 October 2004

Professor Marc I. Steinberg, Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University (United States): 1-10 October 2004

Professor Angela Itzikowitz, University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa): 3-15 October 2004

Professor Mark Ramseyer, Harvard Law School (United States): 17-24 April 2005

Professor Mads Andenas, British Institute of International and Comparative Law (United Kingdom): 4-15 May 2005

2005 – 2006

Professor Paul von Nessen, Monash University (Australia): 4-19 November 2005

Professor Douglas Branson, W. Edward Sell Chair in Business Law, University of Pittsburgh (United States): 13-31 March 2006

2006 – 2007

Professor Howell E. Jackson, James S. Reid Jr. Professor of Law, Harvard Law School (United States): 3-10 June 2007

Professor Curtis J. Milhaupt, Fuyo Professor of Law, Columbia Law School (United States): 20 April – 2 May 2007

Professor Gordon Walker, Chair Professor of Commercial Law and Head, Law School, La Trobe University (Australia): 9 September – 1 October 2006

2007 – 2008

Professor Jan Dalhuisen, School of Law, King’s College London (United Kingdom): 15-28 March 2008

Professor John Head, School of Law, University of Kansas (United States): 11 March – 5 April 2008

2009 – 2010

Professor Cynthia Lichtenstein, Boston College Law School (United States): 30 Sept – 15 Oct 2009

Professor Norbert Horn, Professor of Law & Director (Emeritus), Banking Law Institute, University of Cologne (Germany): 10 – 18 April 2010

Koo and Partners Visiting Professorship Public Lecture

29 April 2002: “Personal Liability of Directors in Tort” by Professor Francis Reynolds

Paul Hastings Visiting Professorship Public Lectures

25 November 2002: “Persistent Resistance to Corporate Governance Reform in Japan” by Professor Hisaei Ito

6 January 2003: “Sovereign Bankruptcy Procedures for Dealing with Emerging Market Debt” by Professor Hal Scott

11 February 2003: “The Financial War on Terror – Bluff or Bluster?” by Professor Barry Rider

10 October 2003: “Chinese Energy Reform” by Professor Thomas Heller

18 November 2003: “How the International Financial System, to Its Detriment, Differs from All National Financial Systems, and What We Can Do About It” by Professor Ross Buckley

12 October 2004: “International Financial Regulation – Which Actors Drive the Rules in What Direction?” by Professor Rolf H. Weber

20 April 2005: “The Changing and Un-changing Nature of the Japanese Financial System and Economy: Lessons for China” by Professor Mark Ramseyer

5 May 2005: “Liability of Regulators: Emerging International Standards” by Professor Mads Andenas

10 May 2005: “Proportionality and Balancing in the WTO” by Professor Mads Andenas

9 November 2005: “ASX Corporate Governance Principles and CLERP 9 Legislation” by Professor Paul von Nessen

27 March 2006: Enron and Its Aftermath by Professor Douglas Branson

18 September 2006: “Securities Regulation and Finance Theory” by Professor Gordon Walker

26 April 2007: Post-SOX Corporate Governance Environment in the United States by Professor Curtis J. Milhaupt

6 June 2007: Public Enforcement of Securities Laws by Professor Howell E. Jackson