What we do

AIIFL serves as an umbrella for the research activities of its Resident Fellows (drawn from the Faculty of Law and the University of Hong Kong generally) and its Honorary and Visiting Fellows (academics and industry professionals from outside the University). Building upon the solid basis of its founding Directors, AIIFL continues to forge ties with local, regional and global research institutions. The research activities of AIIFL Fellows mainly focus on financial (including FinTech), commercial and corporate law reforms. In 2005, the University of Hong Kong selected the AIIFL research theme “constitutional, corporate and financial law and policy” to receive developmental support and to form a multidisciplinary collaboration. This role was reinforced when AIIFL was appointed as the research centre for corporate, commercial and financial law under the 2008 University of Hong Kong strategic theme “Law, Policy and Development”. In 2012, the Hong Kong University Grants Council approved a substantial multi-disciplinary research project, proposed by AIIFL and affiliated research centres, on “Enhancing Hong Kong’s Future as a Leading International Financial Centre”. More recently AIIFL Fellows have become active in researching the relationship between finance, technology and the law, with a number of publications being endorsed internationally as the basis for policy formulation. From 2019 a major research impact fund grant was approved to further the development of FinTech regulation and our oeuvre appropriated by the Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council, the Financial Stability Board and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

Since its inception, AIIFL has had an aim of being the leading academic research centre in Asia that specialises in financial, corporate and commercial law. AIIFL has organised and hosted numerous world-renowned conferences, visitors and research projects. Our Fellows have an significant involvement in policy advice and law reform, public and private sector advisory boards, commentary and financial-sector representation, industry-leading training and innovation in pedagogy. From the beginning, world-leading visiting scholars were supported by the Koo & Partners / Paul Hastings Visiting Professorship in Corporate and Financial Law and our close partnership with the Corporate Law Studies Interest Group, a joint research programme with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Recently the AIIFL-Companies Registry Corporate Law and Governance Distinguished Lecture Series, funded by the Companies Registry, has enabled AIIFL to continue hosting esteemed visitors.

Together this has culminated in hundreds of books, articles and events, all of which are chronicled on this site.

AIIFL focuses on eleven research areas:

– Corporate Law and Governance
– Corporate and Financial law
– Compliance / Regulation
– Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship
– East Asian International Economic Law and Policy
– Taxation Law and Policy
– Insolvency and Restructuring
– Insurance Law
– Competition / Antitrust
– Real Estate Law and Finance
– One-Belt-One-Road

In each of these areas, AIIFL has a strong reputation in research, publication and policy involvement. AIIFL is continually evolving to meet the demands of, and developments in, financial markets, education and training. Taxation, wealth management and FinTech training courses are offered throughout the year for both students and professionals. In 2018, the FinTech massive open learning course (online) and the inter-disciplinary law, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship and the one-belt-one-road programmes were launched.

Going forward, AIIFL seeks to build on our achievements and to increase our impact as an influence leader in Hong Kong, China, Asia and around the world. We welcome all who share similar interests and will continue to strengthen our existing relationships while forging new partnerships.