What we do

AIIFL serves as an umbrella for the research activities of its resident fellows (drawn from the HKU Law Faculty and the University of Hong Kong) and its honorary and visiting fellows (academics and industry professionals from outside the university).

Building upon the solid basis of its founding Directors, AIIFL continues to forge ties with local, regional and global research institutions with its research activities focusing on financial (including FinTech), commercial and corporate law reforms.

Other than the focus areas, AIIFL’s interested areas include, inter alia, comparative corporate governance and financial law, consumer interests, digitalised economy, data and privacy protection, virtual banking, open banking, financial inclusion, law and economics, secured transactions, tax, dispute resolution, BigTech and competition, Greater Bay Area, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) standards and green finance.

Since its inception, AIIFL aims to be the leading academic research centre in Asia, specialising in financial, corporate and commercial law. AIIFL has organised and hosted numerous world-renowned conferences, visitors and research projects. AIIFL fellows have significant involvement in policy advice and law reform, public and private sector advisory boards, commentary and financial-sector representation, industry-leading training and innovation in pedagogy.

AIIFL is continually evolving to meet the demands of, and developments in, financial markets, education and training. It seeks to build on our achievements and to increase our impact as an influence leader in Hong Kong, China, Asia and the world.