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Malcolm Merry was the former Convenor of the Real Estate Law and Finance. He first joined the Faculty (then School) of Law as a lecturer in 1981. He rejoined the Faculty in December 2006 after 15 years in full-time practice in which he appeared or advised as counsel in numerous land-related cases. He has served as a deputy District Judge (Presiding Officer in the Lands Tribunal) and as a member of the HK Bar Council, the District Court Rules Committee and sub-committees of the HK Law Reform Commission.

Land Law Conversations, an occasional series of discussions on topics concerning Hong Kong Land Law, included:

25 April 2018
Is the Small House Policy Constitutional?
Land Conversations 12

21 September 2017
Energy Upgrades & Governance of Multi-owned Buildings

Land Conversations 11

26 May 2017
Why are Hong Kong’s Land Values so Persistently High?

Land Conversations 10

2 December 2016
Waste Mountains and Controls over Use of Land

Land Conversations 9

29 April 2016
The Family Home and the Common Intention Constructive Trust

Land Conversations 8

15 January 2016
Reforming Customary Law applicable to Land

Land Conversations 7

20 November 2015
Illegal Structures

Land Conversations 6

15 January 2015
Reforming Adverse Possession

Land Conversations 5

7 October 2014
Title Registration, England and Hong Kong: Recent Developments

Land Conversations 4

28 May 2014
The Trouble with Land Law – Teaching Real Property in the 21st Century

Land Conversations 3

23 January 2014
Does Hong Kong Need a Law of Adverse Possession?

Land Conversations 2

15 January 2014
Small House Policy, Custom and Article 40 of the Basic Law

Land Conversations 1