Trusts in the Courts

Trusts in the Courts – a Period of Constant Change?

13 November 2023

Fundamental aspects of trust law are being considered with increasing frequency in the higher courts around the world and, in the process, trust law is being developed, at pace, in crucially important respects (including trust validity (Webb v Webb; Zhang Lan v La Dolce Vita); exclusion of trustee duty (IQ EQ); trustee third party liability and indemnity (Investec Trust v Glenalla; Equity Trust v Halabi; Von Westenholz/ Guardian Trust principle); function of letters of wishes (Piedmont and Riviera Trusts; Re X Trusts); role of protectors (Re X Trusts); scope and exercise of powers (Grand View; Rysaffe Fiduciaries)). This talk will consider several of the more recent decisions and will address points of principle arising and their profound practical consequences, many of which are only now becoming apparent.

About the Speaker:
David Brownbill KC is a barrister at XXIV Old Buildings, London. He specialises in international trust and commercial disputes and advice. His practice covers commercial trusts; estate planning; family governance and control, and trust arbitration. David has acted in numerous trust and commercial disputes in England and offshore and assisted various jurisdictions in drafting legislation, including trust arbitration and firewall provisions.

Chair: Professor Lusina Ho, Harold Hsiao-Wo Lee Professor in Trust and Equity, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

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