Research Handbook on Asian Financial Law

Research Handbook on Asian Financial Law Edited by Douglas W. Arner, University of Hong Kong, Wai Yee Wan, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Andrew Godwin, Associate Professor, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne, Australia, Wei Shen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China and Evan Gibson, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong :: Edward Elgar Publishing

This comprehensive Research Handbook provides an in-depth analysis of the different financial law approaches, legal systems and trends throughout Asia. It considers how reforms following the crises have been critical for the development and growth of the region and explores a broad range of post-crisis financial regulatory issues. This timely book also examines how inconsistent and divergent approaches to financial market regulation are curtailing the region’s potential.

Over the past ten years, what have we learned and what have we done – internationally, regionally and domestically – to improve the financial architecture to support financial stability and economic growth?

Written by Douglas Arner, Director of the University of Hong Kong’s Asian Institute of International Financial Law and published by Cambridge University Press, this volume explores these questions, focusing on the role of law, and provides a timely and comprehensive critique of what has been achieved and the weaknesses which remain, especially in the architecture of the international financial system.