Patent Licensing in IoT – SEPs and Patent Pools

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Patent Licensing in IoT – SEPs and Patent Pools

13 December 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the doorstep of becoming one of the most important features of the 21st century, connecting all kind of objects and devices and establishing communication between a vast amount of devices and services. The technologies unlocking this great potential are the result of decades of investment in effort, time, skill and money and are often protected by patents. Licensing in the IoT arena will require a delicate balance between innovation and implementation, investment and reward. This session will focus on how to establish a patent licensing model in this new emerging landscape.

About the Speaker:

Sven Torringer is Director, Senior Counsel Legal & Business at Sisvel and is based in Hong Kong. Mr Torringer is an experienced IP and legal professional with a record of successfully managing complex legal issues in IP, licensing and M&A transactions across the globe. Mr Torringer is specialized in standard-essential technologies, including in developing multi-party licensing programmes on behalf of, and in partnership with, many of the world’s leading technology companies. Mr Torringer has more than 15 years’ experience and comprehensive knowledge of patent law, policies and strategies in China, US and Europe. His expertise includes managing licensing, patent divestiture and acquisitions, strategic opinion and counselling work. His advice on a wide range of legal, regulatory and policy issues in connection therewith is highly regarded and he is particularly appreciated for his ability to build bridges with other IP leaders to create significant long-term value for all parties.

Chair: Professor Thomas Cheng, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

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