International Financial Sector Reform

International Financial Sector Reform: Standard Setting and Infrastructure Development, Edited by Say Goo, Douglas Arner and Zhongfei Zhou :: Kluwer Law International

In the wake of the Asian financial crisis that erupted in 1997, an intense scrutiny of the principles and standards of the world’s financial system was inevitable. This new book, a major milestone in the progressive development of the new financial architecture arising from the debacle, represents the penetrating insight and practical proposals of twenty-five experts, including economists, lawyers, bankers, academics, and officials from international financial institutions.

The important contributions offered here were originally presented at a series of conferences sponsored in 1999 and 2000 by the Asian Institute of International Financial Law of the University of Hong Kong in collaboration with leading law faculties from five continents.

The issues boldly confronted in International Financial Sector Reform include the following: reform of domestic securities regulation; investment insurance and risk management; the role of pension funds; accounting standards; financing real estate and construction projects; global competitiveness in the financial sector; responsibility of private lenders; effective anti-money laundering measures; and protection of emerging market economies.

This volume resulted from AIIFL’s launch conference and co-organisation of a series of global conferences on the “New International Financial Architecture” in 1999-2001.