Finance & Complexity in the 21st Century

Socioeconomics of Disruptive Tech – Interview 11


Rethinking Economics NL description: For the 11th interview in the series we are joined by Douglas Arner (University of Hong Kong), Dan Azzi (L’Orient-Le Jour), & Navroop K. Sahdev (The Digital Economist) to discuss finance & complexity theory in the 21st Century. What is FinTech and how is it transforming finance, especially in the context of Asia? How is complexity economics transforming economics education? Why is it important to include a more plural, historical, and interdisciplinary perspective in our economics and finance education? How has COVID impacted trends, especially in FinTech? What should economists, especially in finance, learn from the currency-crisis in Lebanon? This interview was recorded on the 2nd of December, 2020.

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