AFI Innovative Regulatory Approaches Toolkit

AFI Innovative Regulatory Approaches Toolkit by Douglas Arner (University of Hong Kong), Ross Buckley (University of New South Wales), Dirk Zetzsche (University of Luxembourg), Eriks Selga (University of Hong Kong), Ghiyazuddin Mohammad, Jaheed Parvez, and Roberta Consiglio (University of Luxembourg) :: SSRN

Countries and economies around the world are seeking ways to foster their digital finance and FinTech ecosystems to better support financial inclusion and sustainable development. At the core of such efforts are supporting the development of new products and services, bringing more competition and consumer choice into their financial systems. At the same time, the potential of innovation must also be balanced against potential risks.

In order to support these objectives, regulators are developing new regulatory approaches. The Toolkit present in this paper provides a structured approach to the implementation considerations of innovative regulatory approaches including innovation facilities for authorities with jurisdiction over financial products and services.