Insolvency and Restructuring

Convenor: Dr Emily Lee

In support of development of this area, in 2006-2007, HKU awarded AIIFL and the Faculty of Law a Research Assistant Professorship in Insolvency and Restructuring.

Insolvency Training and Manuals Project Philip Smart and Charles D Booth designed the Diploma Course in Insolvency for the Hong Kong Society of Accountants (now the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants). They also served as Co-directors for the course. Roughly 230 students attended the course.

Since 2002-2003, Stephen Briscoe of Briscoe Wong Ferrier has served as a Co-director for the course. Since 2003-2004, Bruno Arboit of Zolfo Cooper has also served as a Co-director.


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Essays in Memory of Professor Philip St. John Smart, 1961-2008
Hong Kong Law Journal Volume 39, Part 1 of 2009

  • “A New Stage of Regional Judicial Assistance in Civil and Commercial Matters: Implementation of the Mainland Judgments Ordinance and Certain Issues Beyond”, Xian Chu Zhang
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  • “Investigation of Insolvent Companies in Hong Kong: A Corporate Governance Crisis”, Philip Smart, Charles D. Booth & Stephen Briscoe
  • “Remuneration of Provisional Liquidators & Liquidators under the Official Receiver’s Contracting-Out Schemes”, Emily Lee
  • “Building a Framework to Address Failure of Complex Global Financial Institutions”, Douglas Arner and Joseph J. Norton
  • “Recent Developments in the Shareholder’s Derivative Action: Hong Kong and Australian Perspectives”, Lee Aitken

Professor Philip St. John Smart Memorial Lecture organized by Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

17 November 2016
Understanding Cross-Border Insolvency in the Hong Kong Context presented by The Hon Mr Justice Jonathan Harris, Court of First Instance of the High Court, HKSAR

21 November 2014
Lehman Brothers’ Cross-border Insolvency presented by Edward Middleton, Partner and Head of Restructuring Services, Asia-Pacific, KPMG

9 November 2012
Professor Philip St. John Smart Inaugural Memorial Lecture presented by Stephen Briscoe, Briscoe Wong Ferrier and Professional Advisory Board Member, Asian Institute of International Financial Law