Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism

Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism: How The Rise of China Challenges Global Regulation by Angela Huyue Zhang (University of Hong Kong) :: Oxford University Press

Dr Angela Zhang is Asian Institute of International Financial Law fellow, associate professor and director of Center for Chinese Law at the University of Hong Kong.

In this compelling new book Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism, Dr Zhang examines the most important and least understood tactic that China can deploy to counter western sanctions: antitrust law. Dr Zhang reveals how China has transformed antitrust law into a powerful economic weapon, supplying theory and case studies to explain its strategic application over the course of the Sino-US tech war.  Dr Zhang also exposes the vast administrative discretion possessed by the Chinese government, showing how agencies can leverage the media to push forward aggressive enforcement. She further dives into the bureaucratic politics that spurred China’s antitrust regulation, providing an incisive analysis of how divergent missions, cultures and structures of agencies have shaped regulatory outcomes. 

Listen to Dr. Zhang as she presents her book on the Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies event.

Watch this Q&A published on Zhang’s website: