Roundtable on Corporate Governance in Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre (25 Sept 2014)

APSA and AIIFL Luncheon Discussion

Roundtable on Corporate Governance in Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre

25 September 2014 (Thursday)
12:00 noon – 2:00 pm
Eversheds, 21/F Gloucester Tower, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

In an effort to address the issue of Hong Kong staying competitive as one of the world’s major international financial centres in the midst of increasing challenges from China, Asia Pacific region and globally, the Hong Kong Research Grants Council Theme-based Research Scheme has funded a major research project on “Enhancing Hong Kong’s Future as a Leading International Financial Centre”. As part of the project, the research team has written a paper titled “Corporate Governance in Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre”.

This roundtable invites fellow leading practitioners and academics in finance/related fields to discuss this paper which makes suggestions on corporate governance arrangements, and how such arrangements can help solidify Hong Kong’s position among international financial centres. These suggestions could have important implication for Hong Kong.

Specifically, the following areas will be discussed:

Where does Hong Kong stand in terms of the quality of corporate governance?

How and why should Hong Kong pensions be encouraged to engage in governance-related activism?

How to reduce self-dealing by connected parties through whistle blowing?

What are the ways to broaden awareness of concentrated shareholding?

Professionalising corporate board directors: does training or education really help improve a director’s performance?

Problems with the existing private actions (derivative suits and unfair prejudice suits): could arbitration be used as an alternative to seek cooperation for aggrieved investors and stakeholders?

Professor Say Goo, Professor of Law at The University of Hong Kong


April Chan Yiu Wai Yee, FCIS, FCS(PE), Company Secretary, CLP Holdings Limited
Susie Cheung, General Counsel and Company Secretary, The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited
Charles Grieve, Senior Director, Corporate Finance Division, Securities and Futures Commission
Bryane Michael, Senior Fellow, Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong and Columbia Law School
Katherine Ng, Senior Vice President, Head of Policy, Listing Department, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
Natalia Seng, Chief Executive Officer – China and Hong Kong & Executive Director, Tricor Group / Tricor Services Limited

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