Research Grants

AIIFL and its activities depend upon support from external sources as well as internal sources including its Participating Fellows, the Faculty of Law and the University of Hong Kong. External funding comes primarily from CPD events, generous donations, grants and commissions for research. 



Awards in 2012-2013



Theme-based Research Scheme Enhancing Hong Kong’s Future as a Leading International Financial Centre”, Sept 2012 – Aug 2017



Awards in 2008-2009



Strategic Research Theme: Law, Policy and Development – Sub Theme “Corporate and Financial Law”



Awards in 2007-2008



Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2005-06, Nov 2007 – Oct 2010



Awards in 2006-2007



Corporate Governance Reform of China’s Banking System: In the Context of Globalization and Transition (CRCG), Sept 2006 – Aug 2007



Competition Law in Hong Kong and China (URC), Oct 2006 – Jun 2008



Awards in 2005-2006



Devising an Appropriate Legal Structure and Governance Regime for Small and Medium Enterprises in China (RGC), Jul 2005 – Jun 2006



Awards in 2004-2005



Real Estate Cycles and Credit Ratings of Banks in Hong Kong(CERG), Sept 2004 – Aug 2007   



Seed Fund for Strategic Research Sub-Theme: Corporate and Financial Law, May 2005 – Oct 2006



Seed Fund for Strategic Research Theme: China Studies Business and Law, May 2005 – Oct 2006



Hong Kong Professionals and Insolvency: An Analysis of the Attitude of Professional Governing Bodies to the Insolvency of their Members (CRGC), Dec 2004 – May 2006



Hong Kong as Asia’s International Financial Centre: a Law and Finance Perspective (CERG) plus Merit Award



Award in 2002-2003



Financial Regulation and the WTO: Liberalisation and Restructuring in China (CERG), Nov 2002 – Oct 2004



Awards in 2001-2002



Moving from a Planned Economy to a Market Economy: the Development of a New Insolvency System in Mainland China and its Cross-Border Impact (CERG), 31 Dec 2001 – 30 Dec 2003



Multipliers for Personal Injury Litigation in Hong Kong (CERG), Sept 2001 – Aug 2003