Postgraduate Student Fellows

Joining AIIFL as Postgraduate Student Fellows

AIIFL welcomes any HKU postgraduate students who meet the following criteria to apply as Postgraduate Student Fellows:

  1. academic excellence and/or professional practice knowledge/experience,
  2. willing to contribute 50 hours per year of research work to AIIFL,
  3. AIIFL Student Fellows are required to arrange an AIIFL Student Seminar/Conference during their term of Fellowship. The choice of subject matter should be covered within the AIIFL research areas. Students may invite speakers from academic, governmental, commercial or voluntary institutions in Hong Kong or deliver the Seminar/Conference themselves if they wish to do so.

To apply now click here.

Benefits of being an AIIFL Postgraduate Student Fellow

Being a Postgraduate Student Fellow connects you to AIIFL’s network of international experts and gives you opportunity to work with AIIFL Fellows on their research projects. It will be good for your CV. In addition, you will have the following benefits:

  1. be placed on AIIFL mailing list to receive news and event announcements;
  2. receive free attendance or discount for AIIFL seminars/conferences;
  3. free annual dinner at your own cost of transportation or travel.
Duration of Fellowship

Once your application is approved, you will be conferred the Fellowship for one year and be considered for renewal annually thereafter until you write to us to terminate your fellowship or until the end of your Postgraduate studies at HKU.

Cost of being an AIIFL Postgraduate Student Fellow

Fellowship is FREE at the moment. We will endeavor to keep the annual renewal free as well if our funding and resources permit.

Current Postgraduate Student Fellows:
  • Junqing Chao, PhD
  • Alex Fung Chun Pang, LLM in Compliance and Regulation
  • Lillie Lam Lai Fong, LLM in Compliance and Regulation
  • Jiaolong Liang, PhD
  • Yulan Liu, JD
  • Natalie Lo Hin Lam, LLM in Compliance and Regulation
  • Wai Tim Wong, LLM in Corporate and Financial Law