LLM CFL and LLM CR Information

LLM in Corporate and Financial Law

Hong Kong is today one of the world’s leading financial centres. Its vibrant economy, widely respected system of justice, and world class financial regulatory regime offer outstanding opportunities for study that are matched only by the most highly–regarded jurisdictions. This programme combines expertise in the areas of corporate and financial law and provides the resources for comprehensive study of the law and problems encountered within a sophisticated commercial and financial community.

LLM in Compliance and Regulation

The LLM in Compliance and Regulation enables students to gain exposure to the laws, regulatory codes, industry practices, policies and other considerations that affect the compliance task.

The area of compliance and regulation continues to undergo significant development and changes in response to a growing body of legal and regulatory requirements – and the increasing consequences for breaching them – that affect how business in the financial services sector is now undertaken. Teaching provided by a team of knowledgeable and experienced academic staff as well as industry and professional practitioners bring different perspectives to the topic.

Students have the opportunity to study the current issues impacting on various areas of the financial services sector, such as financial and securities law, wealth management, insurance, money laundering, etc. as well as gaining wider perspectives including Hong Kong in the international context and securities laws in the PRC. The range of courses offered on the programme enable students to choose subjects that suit them.

The programme recognizes that the knowledge accumulated might help students in their future development by building students’ understanding and expertise of an area of increasing complexity, and an awareness of the commercial, policy, technological and other factors that may affect compliance and regulation in the future.