Lecturers and Seminars 2010

December 2010

Seminar "The Growth of Australia's National Corporate Regulator (Australian Securities and Investments Commission): "The New Puppet Master or Just a Gatekeeper?"" by Angus Young, School of Accountancy, Queensland University of Technology on 8 December 2010 (please contact Angus Young for the Seminar slides)

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar "Globalisation and the Future of Corporate – Shareholder Taxation" by Professor C John Taylor, School of Business Law and Taxation, Australian School of Business, The University of New South Wales on 15 December 2010


November 2010

CoSIG/AIIFL Seminar "Disclosure of Price Sensitive Information: is there a Correspondence Between State Enforcement and Compliance?" by Dr Michelle Welsh, Senior Lecturer, Business Law and Taxation, Monash University on 17 November 2010


Seminar "Good Governance at ANZ in Asia Pacific, Europe & America" by Sydney A. Nielsen, ANZ's Director of Compliance for Asia Pacific, Europe and America on 19 November 2010

EAIEL/AIIFL Seminar "The Future of the European Union after the Lisbon Treaty" by Professor Marie-José Garot, Professor of Law, IE Law School and Director, Center for European Studies, IE University on 22 November 2010


Seminar "Recent Developments in Securities Law" by Laurence Li, Barrister-at-law, Temple Chambers on 30 November 2010

October 2010

CoSIG/AIIFL Seminar "Common Law Rules for Regulating Derivatives" by Professor Lynn A. Stout, Paul Hastings Professor of Corporate and Securities Law, University of California on 15 October 2010

September 2010

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar "Taxation Planning in an International Environment" by Sarah Hinchliffe, Teaching Fellow, The University of Melbourne on 21 September 2010


Seminar "Adapting the Full Protection and Security Standard of International Investment Law to the Digital Age" by David Collins, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director Graduate Entry LLB, The City Law School, City University London on 7 September 2010

July 2010

Duke/AIIFL Seminar "Did We Tame the Beast? Some Thoughts on the US Financial Reforms" by Professor Lawrence Baxter, Professor of the Practice of Law, Duke University on 7 July 2010

Seminar "The Limits of the WTO as a Promoter of Freedom of Speech: Reflections on a Potential Google Dispute" by Dr. Tomer Broude, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law and Department of International Relations and Academic Director, Minerva Center for Human Rights, Hebrew University of Jerusalem on 21 July 2010

June 2010

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar "Taxation in Mainland China: Tax Law or Administrative Rulings – Which is "King"?" by Wei Cui, Associate Professor, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing on 2 June 2010

AIIFL and Linklaters Seminar "OTC Derivatives Regulation in Hong Kong: The Way Forward and Challenges" by Chin-Chong Liew, Partner, Linklaters and I-Ping Soong, Senior Solicitor, Linklaters on 8 June 2010

Public Lecture "Reform of Insurance Law: Recent Developments in the United Kingdom" by Professor Robert Merkin, Research Professor of Commercial Law, Southampton University and Consultant, Norton Rose Group on 14 June 2010

May 2010

CoSIG/AIIFL Seminar "Are Securities Class Actions in the U.S. “Supplemental” to SEC Enforcement? An Empirical Analysis" by Professor Michael Klausner, Nancy and Charles Munger Professor of Business and Professor of Law, Stanford Law School on 7 May 2010

Seminar "A Lack of Resolution" by David Zaring, Assistant Professor of Law, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania on 14 May 2010

April 2010

AIIFL and Asia-Pacific Securitisation Association Seminar "A Greek Test for the European Monetary Union" by Professor Norbert Horn, Professor of Law & Director (emeritus), Banking Law Institute, University of Cologne and Paul Hastings Visiting Professor in Corporate & Financial Law, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong on 13 April 2010

AIIFL and LL.M. Degree Programme in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Seminar "International Financial Dispute Resolution" by Professor Norbert Horn, Professor of Law & Director (emeritus), Banking Law Institute, University of Cologne and Paul Hastings Visiting Professor in Corporate & Financial Law, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong on 15 April 2010

TLRP/AIIFL and US Department of Justice Seminar "International Taxation Prosecutions" by Frank P. Cihlar, Senior Counsel for International Tax Matters, US Department of Justice and Kevin M. Downing, Senior Trial Attorney, US Department of Justice on 30 April 2010

March 2010

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar "The IRS and Americans With Foreign Accounts: Looming Tax and Enforcement Issues" by H. David Rosenbloom, James S. Eustice Visiting Professor of Taxation and Director, International Tax Program, New York University School of Law; Member, Caplin & Drysdale, Washington, DC and Scott D. Michel, President & Managing Partner, Caplin & Drysdale, Washington, DC on 22 March 2010

AIIFL and Centre for Chinese Law Seminar “Recent Development of Investors’ Liability and Practical Solutions in China” by Professor Li Youxing, Zhejiang University School of Law on March 29, 2010

February 2010

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar "The Taxation of Offshore Residents from the USA, UK and Australia – A Comparative Analysis" by Sarah Hinchliffe, Teaching Fellow, The University of Melbourne on 2 February 2010

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar "Hong Kong's Tax History and Some of the Questions It Raises" by Dr Michael Littlewood, University of Auckland Law School on 25 February 2010

January 2010

AIIFL and CEDARS Seminar "Future of Microfinance: Leveraging the Platform"by Alex Counts, President & CEO, Grameen Foundation on 21 January 2010

Law and Technology Centre and AIIFL Seminar "Mobile Financial Services" by Professor Rolf H. Weber, University of Zurich and Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong on 25 January 2010