FinTech in Africa Conference 2019 – Hong Kong (7 May 2019)

FinTech in Africa Conference 2019 – Hong Kong

Date: 7 May 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 08:30 – 14:30
Venue: Academic Conference Room, 11/F Cheng Yu Tung Tower, University of Hong Kong

The South African Consulate General, the Fintech Association of Hong Kong, Acorus Capital and the Asian Institute of International Financial Law (AIIFL) are pleased to collaborate to host Hong Kong’s first conference on FinTech in Africa. Leading FinTech practitioners and industry participants will present and participate as panel members.

Core themes:

• FinTech in Africa: Evolution, development and future directions
• Banking: New technologies, new opportunities and challenges
• Payments and Blockchain: New and old
• Investment: Trends and opportunities

The FinTech in Africa Conference 2019 will be held in recognition of the rapid and recent development of the Fintech industry on the African continent. Through the use of FinTech, traditional financial institutions are evolving through technological innovation and those previously excluded are accessing new opportunities through access to financial services. Looking forward, FinTech and associated technologies, such as Blockchain, digital identity, and others, have the potential to significantly impact the African continent where traditional structures been overburdened or have failed.

Join us at the FinTech in Africa Conference 2019 to meet and engage with fellow industry participants and thought leaders to discuss the present position of Fintech in Africa and the role of Asia in its future!

Conference Programme