Conferences and Workshops 2002

October 2002

Corporate Rescue in China: Chinese and Comparative Perspectives

AIIFL held the Symposium on 7 October 2002 in Council Chamber, HKU. This symposium involved local and overseas academics and professionals in the discussion of Corporate Rescue.

June 2002

London Summer Programme in International Banking and Financial Law 

The London Forum for International Economic Law and Development at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (International Financial Law Unit), Queen Mary, University of London, and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) organised a Summer Programme running from 6-13 June 2002. The Forum was in cooperation with five Institutes including AIIFL.

Among the sessions at the Summer Programme were the following: Corporate Governance: International and Comparative Dimensions; Discerning the Rule of Law in a Global Financial/Commercial Environment; Comparative Banking Law Update (Private Law) Liability and Enforcement Emphasis; The Rise of Financial Conglomerates: The Case of Financial Holding Companies in the US; and International Financial Law Developments.

May 2002

Enhancing the Governance of Listed Companies

AIIFL co-organised a public forum with the Centre for Accounting Disclosure and Corporate Governance at the School of Accountancy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Securities Institute on 13 May 2002 to discuss issues regarding corporate governance and listed companies in Hong Kong. 

March 2002

Securitisation in Asia: Developments and Outlook

AIIFL and the Duke University Global Capital Markets Center co-sponsored this one-day workshop at the Central Conference Center on 13 March 2002. The workshop focused on securitisation developments and transactions in Hong Kong and the region.