Chinese Insolvency Law Symposium November 2000

These papers were presented at the Chinese Insolvency Law Symposium: Developing an Insolvency Infrastructure, which was held at the University of Hong Kong from 17-18 November 2000. The colloquium was organized by the Asian Institute of International Financial Law and co-sponsired by the Department of Politics and Law, China University of Politics and Law; Duke University Global Capital Markets CentreHong Kong Society of AccountantsInter-Pacific Bar Association; and Pepperdine University School of Law. The colloquium involved discussions among academics, insolvency practitioners, judges, and government officials from mainland China, the Hong Kong SAR, and overseas on PRC insolvency law reform and cross-border insolvency issues between mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR

Corporate Group liability in Insolvency – a Malaysian Perspective (PowerPoint)

Aiman Nariman Mohd-Sulaiman
Law Faculty, IIUM.

A New Insolvency Infrastructure For the PRC

Henry Pitney
Senior Counsel, and Head, Private Sector Legal Group
Office of the General Counsel, Asian Development Bank

Reconsideration of the Reorganization System in China’s Bankruptcy Law and Relevant issues

Li Yongjun

会计准则如何影响债务重组?(Chinese paper)

Liu Yan
Associate Professor, Peking University Law School

Developing an Insolvency infrastructure – A Commentary on Cross-Border Insolvency Issues

Mr. Paul Heath QC
LLB, FCI Arb (UK), FAMINZ (Arb), Hamilton, New Zealand

Abstract of Paper – Evaluation of the Draft of a New PRC Insolvency Law

R W Harmer
Consultant, Blake Dawson Waldron, Australian lawyers
Staff consultant, Asian Development Bank

Insolvency of Groups: Problems Involving Parent Companies and their affiliates

Shi Jianzhong

Institutional Reasoning in Drafting New Bankruptcy Law of China

Wang Wei Guo
Dean & Professor, Department of Economic Law, Chinese University of Politics and Law

Relationship between Bankruptcy Liquidation and Ordinary Liquidation of Legal-Person Enterprise

Wu Jingming