2017 Events Photos

27 April 2017
Detecting Collusion among Competitors – Economic Evidence
Dr Sharon Pang, Principal, Charles River Associates

24 April 2017
Governing the Global Governors: The Competence and Constraints of International Administrative Tribunals
Peter Quayle, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

19 April 2017
The Origin and Evolution of China’s Institutions: A Comparative Institutional Analysis
Professor Chenggang Xu, Professor of Economics, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

19 April 2017
Risk-based Approach (from a Regulator’s Perspective)
Meena DATWANI, JP, Executive Director (Enforcement & AML), Hong Kong Monetary Authority

31 March 2017
Competition Law in Hong Kong and in Ireland: Superficially Similar but Deeply Different?
Dr Mary Catherine Lucey, Assistant Professor and Head of Global Engagement, UCD Sutherland School of Law

30 March 2017
Hong Kong’s Involvement with International Tax Reform: What’s the ‘BEPS’?
Professor Adrian Sawyer, University of Canterbury

21 March 2017
How Lenders Evaluate Lawsuits? Evidence from Corporate Bond Market
Dr Haitian Lu, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

13 March 2017
Risk, New “Modes of Information,” and the Informational Complexities of Asset-Backed Securities, Banks, and Corporations
Professor Henry T.C. Hu, Allan Shivers Chair in the Law of Banking and Finance, University of Texas Law School

9 March 2017
Rethinking the Relationship between Criminal Law and Markets
Professor Lindsay Farmer, School of Law, University of Glasgow

1 March 2017
How to Handle Regulatory Investigations
Jill Wong, Partner, Howse Williams Bowers

13 February 2017
Governing the FinTech Revolution: Assessing the Impact a Decade of EU Payment Law Reforms
Professor Jane K. Winn, Charles I. Stone Professor of Law, University of Washington

10 February 2017
The Role of Hong Kong’s Financial Regulations in Improving Corporate Governance: Standards in China – Lessons from the Panama Papers for Hong Kong
Dr Bryane Michael, The University of Hong Kong