2016 Events Photos

19 December 2016
Global Development of Islamic Banking and Bonds (Sukuk)
Justice Datuk Dr. Haji Hamid Sultan bin Abu Backer, Judge of Court of Appeal Malaysia

15 December 2016
The Globalization of Entrepreneurial Litigation: Law, Culture, and Incentives
Professor John C. Coffee Jr., Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

14 December 2016
Preserving the Corporate Superego in a Time of Activism
Professor John C. Coffee Jr., Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

7 December 2016
Regulatory Expectations, the Idea of the Fiduciary, and Other People’s Money
Alice Law, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority

5 December 2016
UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Day 2016: Cross-Border Insolvency
Dr Emily Lee, The University of Hong Kong; Dr Maisie Ooi, The University of Hong Kong; and Professor Anselmo Reyes, The University of Hong Kong

2 December 2016
Land Law Conversations: Waste Mountains and Controls over Use of Land
Adrian But, Barrister-at-law, Sir Oswald Cheung’s Chambers

23 November 2016
Compliance Officers and Professionalism in Legal Services Firms in England and Wales
Professor Joan Loughrey, School of Law, University of Leeds

18 November 2016
An Update on Hong Kong’s Exchange of Information Developments and Engaging with BEPS
Professor Adrian Sawyer, University of Canterbury

10 November 2016
FinTech, RegTech and the Reconceptualization of Financial Regulation
Professor Douglas W. Arner, The University of Hong Kong and Janos Barberis, The University of Hong Kong

3 November 2016
Cross-Border Investment and Mergers & Acquisitions
Simon Luk, Partner and Chair of Asia Practice, Winston & Strawn, Hong Kong

2 November 2016
The Evolution of Compliance: From Afterthought to Corner Office
Benedicte Nolens, Senior Director and Head of Risk & Strategy, Securities and Futures Commission

22 September 2016
Regulating Non-bank Financial Intermediaries in Asia
Dr Christian Hofmann, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore

19 September 2016
Legal Foundations of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Gerard Sanders, General Counsel, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

7 September 2016
Technology, Regulation and the Democratization of Financial Services
Professor Alexa Lam, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

1-2 September 2016
China’s Identity in International Law

11 July 2016
From Dealing to Dark Pools: Half a Century of Securities Regulation
Greg Heaton, Securities and Futures Commission

24-25 June 2016
Journal of Financial Regulation 2016 Annual Conference: Integration and Interconnectedness in Global Finance

14 June 2016
Implementation of the Competition Ordinance in Hong Kong
Rose Webb, Chief Executive Officer, Competition Commission

7 June 2016
Are Trusts Still a Strategic Investment Vehicle for Clients?
Professor Sarah Hinchliffe, College of William and Mary Mason School of Business

2 June 2016
The 14th AIIFL Distinguished Public Lecture: Securitisation and Post-Crisis Financial Regulation
Professor Steven L. Schwarcz, Stanley A. Star Professor of Law & Business, Duke University School of Law

29 April 2016
Land Conversations: The Family Home and the Common Intention Constructive Trust
Professor Michael Lower, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and the LLB Programme Director, Faculty of Law, CUHK

16-17 April 2016
第四屆兩岸四地金融法論壇: 一帶一路對金融法帶來的挑戰與機遇 (The 4th Cross Strait Financial Law Forum: One Belt One Road and the Opportunities and Challenges for Financial Law)

15 April 2016
Stock Exchange Competition in the PRC
Professor Jing Leng, Professor of Law, East China University of Political Science and Law

31 March 2016
The Promise and Perils of Crowdfunding
Professor John Armour, Hogan Lovells Professor of Law and Finance, University of Oxford

23 March 2016
Transnational Tax Law: Fiction or Reality, Future or Now?
Professor Miranda Stewart, Director, Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, The Australian National University

21 March 2016
The German Law on Conversions – Principles and Experiences after 20 Years
Professor Dr Ruediger Veil, Alfried Krupp-Chair for Civil Law, German and International Business and Corporate Law, Bucerius Law School, Germany

11 March 2016
Getting Back to Basics: What is Financial Regulation Trying Solve For?
James Shipton, Securities and Futures Commission

22 February 2016
AIIFL-Companies Registry Corporate Law and Governance Distinguished Lecture Series:
Mechanisms for Corporate Decision Making
Nobel Laureate Professor Eric Maskin, Adams University Professor, Harvard University

25 January 2016
中國農村社區重劃的法律問題和歷程 – 基於土地政策的研究
蔡宗翰博士, 北京建築大學經濟與管理工程學院和房地產法律研究所; 住房和城鄉建設部鄉村規劃研究中心村莊產業發展和土地研究所

15 January 2016
Land Conversations: Reforming Customary Law applicable to Land
Professor Michael Palmer, Shantou University Law School