2015 Events Photos

2 December 2015

The Taxation of Trusts in Hong Kong
Stefano Mariani, Registered Foreign Lawyer, Deacons, Hong Kong

20 November 2015

Land Conversations: Illegal Structures
Henry Litton, Honorary Professor, HKU

19 November 2015

Overlapping Jurisdictions and the Resolution of Disputes Before Chinese and Foreign Courts
Professor Vivienne Bath, Director, Centre for Asian and Pacific Law and Sydney Law School, University of Sydney

9 November 2015

China’s Shadow Banking Industry and Impact on Capital Markets: Ignoring the Lessons of the Past
Dr. Avnita Lakhani, City University of Hong Kong School of Law

6 November 2015

Conference “Finance in Asia: Regulating Regional Markets”

31 October 2015

Conference “Renovating the Hong Kong Revenue Regime: The Local, Cross-border and International Contexts”

29 October 2015

An Arbitrator’s Perspective of International Arbitration in Asia
Professor Leon Trakman, University of New South Wales

28 October 2015

The Duties of Controlling Shareholders-Complex Relationships, Legal Confusion and New Approaches
Professor John H Farrar, Emeritus Professor of Law, Bond University

13 October 2015

Building a Global Framework for Investment Funds? A Euro-Asian Comparison
Professor Dirk Zetzsche, University of Liechtenstein and Professor Douglas W. Arner, The University of Hong Kong

8 October 2015

Rethinking Independent Non-Executive Directorships in Hong Kong
Chee Keong LOW, Associate Professor in Corporate Law, CUHK Business School, CUHK

21 September 2015

New Trends Regarding Sustainability and Integrated Reporting for Companies: What Protection Do Directors Have?
Professor Jean Jacques du Plessis, Deakin University, Australia

20 August 2015

Tax Hot Topics Affecting Dual Residents
Sarah Hinchliffe, Visiting Professor of Law, College of William and Mary Mason School of Business

18 June 2015

AIIFL/CFRED-CUHK Seminar “Current Issues in Securities Enforcement”
Professor Renee Jones, Boston College Law School

9 June 2015

AIIFL/TRS Seminar “Market-Dominant Small Jurisdictions in a Globalizing Financial World”
Professor Christopher Bruner, Professor of Law and Director, Frances Lewis Law Center, Washington and Lee University

3 June 2015

Conference “Insurance Law and Practice 2015”

29 May 2015

AIIFL/CFRED-CUHK Seminar “Does Reputational Risk Limit Opportunistic Behavior in the Venture Capital Industry?”
Professor Katherine Litvak, Northwestern University School of Law

13 May 2015

AIIFL/CFRED-CUHK Seminar “Shareholder Agreements and Corporate Control”
Dr. Marilena Filippelli, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

6 May 2015

EAIEL/AIIFL/TRS Seminar “Critical Analysis of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)”
Professor Raj Bhala, Rice Distinguished Professor, The University of Kansas School of Law

1 April 2015

AIIFL/TRS/FinTech Hong Kong Seminar “Regulating FinTech Innovation: A Balancing Act”
Janos Barberis, Research Fellow, AIIFL, The University of Hong Kong and Professor Douglas W. Arner, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

11 March 2015

AIIFL/CUHK-CFRED Seminar “Crowdfunding: Solving the SME Funding Problem and Democratising Access to Capital?”
Dr Gordon Walker, Emeritus Professor of Law, La Trobe University School of Law and Visiting Professor, The University of Houston Law Center

6 March 2015

AIIFL/CCL/TRS Seminar “Introduction of the New Draft Foreign Investment Law of China”
Yilong Du, Executive Director and Senior Counsel, Goldman Sachs

2 February 2015

Seminar “Behavioural Findings and Financial Market Regulation”
Professor Rolf H. Weber, Chair, International Business Law, University of Zurich and Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong

8 January 2015

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar “Legislation by Press Release: Hong Kong’s New Stamp Duties – Why & How They Work”
Jianlin Chen, Assistant Law Professor, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong