2014 Events Photos

2014 Events’ Photos

26 November 2014

EAIEL/AIIFL Seminar “China and the European Union: The Solar Dispute from a Practitioner’s Viewpoint”
Arnoud Willems, Partner, Sidley Austin, Brussels & Senior Fellow, EAIEL

24 November 2014

Seminar “Market Misconduct: Its Coverage and Must Know Recent Developments”
Mohan Datwani, Director, Technical and Research, The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS) and Professional Advisory Board Member, Asian Institute of International Financial Law

13 November 2014

Seminar “The New European Approach to the Regulation of Public Procurement”
Professor Peter Kunzlik, Head of Department of Law, University of East Anglia

5 November 2014

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar “Legal Valuation in Chinese Tax Law”
Professor Xiaoqiang Yang, Professor of Tax Law, Sun Yat-sen University School of Law and Director, Research Center for Taxation & Financial and Tax Law, Sun Yat-sen University

31 October 2014

AIIFL/TRS Seminar “Is the Hong Kong Immigration System for Professionals, Executives and Investors an Impediment for Hong Kong’s Development as an International Financial Centre?”
Dr. Alex Lau, Hong Kong Baptist University and Honorary Fellow, Asian Institute of International Financial Law

21 October 2014

AIIFL/ICCDS/TRSSeminar “Financial Centres under Pressure: Geography of Finance in the Post-2008 Era”
Professor Dariusz Wójcik, Professor of Economic Geography, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford

7 October 2014

Land Conversations “Title Registration, England and Hong Kong: Recent Developments”
Professor Martin Dixon, University of Cambridge and Dora Chan, HKU

4-8 July 2014

The 15th Annual International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot (IMLAM) 2014

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Grand Final Function Photos

18 June 2014

TLRP/AIIFL/TRS Seminar “Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes in China’s Context”
Suhua Huang, Director, Global Cooperation and Compliance Division of International Taxation Department, State Administration of Taxation (SAT), People’s Republic of China

12 June 2014

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar “Taxation and Residency Requirements in Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States – An International Update in 2014 for Individuals, and Corporate Entities”
Sarah Hinchliffe, Visiting Professor of Law, William and Mary Law School

3 June 2014

Public Lecture “Terms of Insurance Contracts”
Professor Robert Merkin, Lloyd’s Professor of Commercial Law, University of Exeter and Academic Advisory Board Member, Asian Institute of International Financial Law

29 April 2014

AIIFL/TRS Seminar “The Foundations of Hong Kong’s Banking Regulation and Supervision: Challenges of Internationalisation in the 1970s and 1980s”
Professor Catherine Schenk, University of Glasgow and Visiting Research Fellow, Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research

4 April 2014

Seminar “Freedom to Exercise Contractual Rights of Termination”
Professor Michael Bridge, Cassel Professor of Commercial Law, London School of Economics and Professor of Law, National University of Singapore

25 March 2014

CCPL and AIIFL Seminar “Legal Regulations for Countering Corruption in the Russian Federation”
Professor Dr Eduard Ivanov, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow

24 March 2014

TLRP/AIIFL Seminar “Business Tax: Public Debate and Future Trends”
Professor Judith Freedman, CBE, Pinsent Masons Professor of Taxation Law University of Oxford and Director of Legal Research, Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation

21 March 2014

Seminar “International Business: Challenges Experienced in a Global and National Interconnected World”
Christer Thordson, Former General Counsel IKEA Group

18 March 2014

Seminar “Volcker Rule Final Regulations”
Jeffrey H. Chen, Partner, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP in association with Joseph P.C. Lee & Associates and Professional Advisory Board Member, Asian Institute of International Financial Law

11 March 2014

CCPL, AIIFL and HKUSPACE Seminar “Proving Money Laundering in Hong Kong”
Russ Harding, Detective Inspector, Hong Kong Police

24 February 2014

Seminar “The Rise of the International Commercial Court: What Is It and Will It Work?”
Denise H. Wong, School of Law, Singapore Management University

14 February 2014

Seminar “Mandate of Financial Stability Board and Implementation of its Systemic Risk Standards”
Professor Rolf H. Weber, Chair, International Business Law, University of Zurich and Academic Advisory Board Member, Asian Institute of International Financial Law

23 January 2014

Land Conversations “Does Hong Kong Need a Law of Adverse Possession?”
Charles Harpum, Downing College Cambridge, Professor Michael Wilkinson, HKU and Professor Say Goo, HKU

15 January 2014

Land Conversations “Small House Policy, Custom and Article 40 of the Basic Law”
Professor Johannes Chan, SC (Hon), HKU, Professor Say Goo, HKU, Junius Ho and Malcolm Merry

7 January 2014

Seminar “The Use of Economics in Antitrust Litigation: Qihoo 360 v. Tencent QQ”
Dr Sharon Pang, Principal in the Competition Practice of Charles River Associates